Women Empowerment

Context of the Project: 

Since two years, the rural people are requesting our organization to provide employment facilities for their survival. Despite our repeated efforts to the philanthropists organizations for the help, but most of them rejected due to paucity of fund at their ends or our difficulties and problems may not be as per their criteria. However we are appealing your benevolent organization to extend financial assistance for 150 poorest women to start their income generation which is the only panel to get considerable profit for their survival, which are mentioned as under.

 i. Goat Rearing = 50

   ii. Diary Buffalos = 50

   iii. Sheep rearing = 50

      Total= 150 Women 

The selected beneficiaries will be divided into 15 Groups. Each group will select a leader among themselves. The group leaders would shoulder up the responsibility to run their respective business. The members and group leader will discuss about revolving the fund given to them on easy installment i.e., 1000/- per month without interest. The group leader will collect money and deposit in the joint account of Fifteen–group leader. After 6 months the money will be drawn and distributed to other needy women in the presence of our organization and Grama Sabha (Village Committee Meeting). This process will continue in order to distribute your one time grant all poor women beneficiaries. The formed Fifteen groups will convert into Self – Help Groups. All groups members and leaders will encourage other women irrespective of caste to form Self Help Groups. Our organization will be as facilitator and the beneficiaries are executor of the project.
Our organization shall phase out of the groups after having full confidence that they shoulder the responsibility of managing their entire activities. However, our organization will always remain open to provide financial inputs as and when required.

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