Children Education

Context of the Project:

This project will address needs of 250 flood victim children in 125 families in 5 coastal communities, Nellore district, India; of whom 60 children are below fives, 123 children are attending school and 67 children are drop outs and living in poverty and unhygienic conditions. The project will support these children with motivation, education, health and child needs.

Projected achievements through this project:

Long term: We will support flood victim children in 5 communities for 4 years. To help to complete 1 to 5 classes in their own village schools and 6 to 7 classes in schools in panchayat schools. We will reduce the dropout numbers and check on child fish traders on sea waters. We will strive to protect their rights and interests for a memorable childhood and responsible adulthood.

We need financial resources to support children to get quality education by admitting children in good schools. In village communities we have schools only from 1 to 5 classes. For 6 class and above they need to join schools in panchayats/ mandal centers or Indukurpet or big towns where they can study till class 10 and continue further studies. As parents live on daily fish catch with 2 dollars worth a day its difficult to educate children besides meeting family needs. Children at tender age are pulled to the sea waters than to schools. If good donors like you come forward to support these deserving children with student sponsorship, these poor children both boys and girls will sure to get good education and strive for a better future.

Who Will Benefit from the Project 

Persons to be benefited directly and indirectly from the project activities:

Total villages: 5 coastal flood affected communities will be benefited. 

Total families: 25 families in each community will be indirectly benefited.

Children beneficiaries: 2 children from each family will be directly benefited. 

25 families X 2 children X 5 villages = 250 children

(handicapped children included = 12 children)

Total Children = 250

We enlisted 250 boys and girls from 125 families in 5 flood affected villages. These children are affected, hurt and wounded by the flood disaster that struck the coastal villages in Nellore district.

60 children are below five years not yet admitted in school, some children are toddlers too.

67 children are drop outs and doing family fish trade on sea waters together with their parents fishing and marketing, a few others work on fields for daily wages while some others take care of the household chores and caring their younger siblings, while both parents are doing fish work.

123 students: 98 children are studying in village schools from 1 class to 5th classes and 25 are studying 6 to 7 class in panchayat/town schools.

The End Result of the Project
250 children each year will be helped for their integrated education from 125 families in 5 coastal habitations.

Each child will be provided nutritious food for 50 days, given two dress to wear / school dress, provided education material for school going and literacy, and play way material.

3 days motivation camps will be arranged to dropouts, immunizations are carried to under fives, health checkup and treatment availed to the other children, drinking water facility is arranged in one village school.

Children personal needs/ requirements, toiletry needs, and study requirements are provided.

Project activities are monitored and coordinated by 1 project coordinator and 1 helper for a period one year.

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