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About Speech

Society for People’s Education & Economic Change, SPEECH, is a secular, voluntary organisation striving for the sustainable empowerment of the socio economically under privileged communities, since inception in 2007.  The organisation is governed by an Executive Committee who happens to be professionals in the line of development, with a deep commitment to the cause.  SPEECH is also equipped with a team of 6 staff and 15 volunteers, specialized in various areas of Rural Development.  We have been actively involved in the development of the downtrodden dalits and tribals for the previous 13 years and are well acknowledged in the area for our efforts, by the general public and government authorities.


Thousand People Benefitted


Villages Covered


Projects Implemented

Our Mission

To strive to improve the quality of life of the oppressed, disadvantaged and the marginalized people without discrimination of caste, creed and religion; with the implementation of Sustainable  Development Goals Programmes.

Objectives’ of our association

  • To provide educational guidance to the youth to choose necessary course to build up their carrier in future
  • To identify the drop out children and never enrolled children, motivate them and their parents and mainstream in regular schools
  • To conduct, organize and run Vocational Training centres to improve the skills among unemployed youth in order to improve their employment opportunities
  • To develop backward villages and weaker sections of people through integrated socio- economic activities in agriculture, horticulture, irrigation, watershed development and improve the living conditions of the villagers and slum dwellers.
  • To work for the protection and promotion of environment in the following areas like Disaster Mitigation Management and Drought Relief activities, Promotion of Non-conventional Energy sources, watershed development, Protection of Forest Eco-system and other related activities
  • To organise health and medical camps on health awareness and also provide free medicines for curable diseases
  • Comprehensive health and nutritious services by setting up community health facilities, mobile medical care, disabled care and Day Care Centres for children and handicapped persons
  • To start and manage Skill Development Training Centre in order to improve the employable skills among unemployed youths
  • To educate the adolescent boys and girls on physical changes, RTI, STI, HIV/AIDS and other Reproductive Health matters
  • To improve the eco-friendly technologies like conservation of potable water, utilization of solar energy, Community Cow dung gas units etc.
  • To work for the eradication of child labour system in the present society
  • To encourage sustainable agriculture methods and Natural Pest Management methods in order to avoid application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

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Giving a donation to SPEECH can help us to reach more children transform their lives for the better. Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

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