• WATER (Safe Drinking Water For All)

  • VOCATIONAL SKILL TRAINING (A skill gets a Life)

  • EDUCATION (Everything Starts with Education)

  • INCOME GENERATION (A Way to Overcome From Poverty)

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Despite their enormous contributions to family, community and society, women in rural India continue to live as secondary citizens, facing severe discrimination and deprivation in all three domains.

SPEECH believes that community development is incomplete without the inclusion of women’s voices and participation.

Accordingly, great efforts are placed on promoting activities that create a space for the active participation of women, and the re-negotiation of power dynamics between sexes. In particular, SPEECH works in the following areas:


  • Promoting the creation of gender-balanced people’s organizations to take up developmental activities that are specific to improving the living and working conditions of women
  • Increasing women’s knowledge on child care, health and hygiene, nutrition and sanitation
  • Providing adult literacy and legal literacy training to women
  • Conducting workshops to enable discussions and potential solutions to issues such as dowries, child marriages, lack of girl child education, and other practices that sustain gender inequality in the community.
  • Promoting savings and credit as an instrument of socio-economic change and development, through the formation of women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs) at the village level.
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