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Nellore District is mainly agriculture area.  Most of the rural poor people are depending on agriculture. Due to the financial backwardness the small and marginalized farmers have got loans from the landlords and the moneylenders with exorbitant rates of interest for cultivation, for purchasing seedlings, fertilizers and pesticides, by mortgaging their lands, golden ornaments and other property to the wealthy people, but due to the severe droughts the crops were failed so the farmers are unable to repay their loans and the interests to the wealthy people.  The poor farmers are insulted, humiliated and mentally tortured.   The selfish moneylenders who use to charge high rates of unlawful interest and double or triple interest rights are perturbing them.  They are abused and tightened of their helpless situation by the selfish moneylenders in such critical situation that these farmers committed suicides which has resulted in many women left alone to support a family.   Now the widows of such farmers living under extreme poverty by doing daily wage labour work.  Many of widows stopped their children’s education due to their poverty, not able to provide study materials, not able to pay school fees etc.,

Hence with the grant support ofOntario Teachers’ Federation Canada , SPEECH distributed the study materials i.e., Slates, Slate pencils, Note Books, Picture books, Alphabetical books, Multiplying tables books, Arithmetic books, Words books, Pencils, Ball-pens, Erasers to the 30 poor children.



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