• WATER (Safe Drinking Water For All)

  • VOCATIONAL SKILL TRAINING (A skill gets a Life)

  • EDUCATION (Everything Starts with Education)

  • INCOME GENERATION (A Way to Overcome From Poverty)

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The future of the country’s development depends on the quality of care attention we place on today’s children.

Yet, young people in Andhra Pradesh are being let down in terms of education and literacy, with high drop – out rates and low retention – much of which can be attributed to the widespread use of child labour.

To meet this challenge head on, SPEECH places serious attention on strengthening children’s support systems in a comprehensive manner, and working with the neediest communities to combat problems particularly but not exclusively related to child labour, at every stage of child development.

The following activities help achieve these goals:

Using awareness programmes to create an understanding and demand for education, among parents and children working with employers, families, community organisations and local officials in an integrated manner, to prevent child labour. Rehabilitating working children through residential and non-residential transitional education centres increasing the enrolment and retention rates of children by creating child – friendly spaces in schools providing infrastructure and quality learning materials for school – going children in child care centres offering vocational training to adolescents, catered to the specific market demand for jobs in the area.



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