Health Programmes:

Delivering healthcare to over a billion people is a very complex challenge. SPEECH works to secure accessible and quality maternal and child healthcare among marginalised communities. We work towards identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, provide innovative solutions, and help implement secure and quality healthcare services in our target districts. SPEECH believes that a healthy mother and a healthy baby is the route to a productive, developed nation. Hence, SPEECH has specially focused upon providing comprehensive solutions to address public health problems. We promote essential new born care and immunisation, reduce malnutrition, prevent infant and maternal deaths and protect those affected by or susceptible to HIV/ AIDS and TB. SPEECH works closely with its stakeholders to achieve good health care for everyone.

HIV/AIDS awareness Programme:

SPEECH engaged in creating a positive impact through a collective movement of rural population. This project is aimed at spreading awareness about HIV-AIDS in villages through cultural performances. By using street theater, music and folk arts of native origin, this program tries to disseminate information about health issues in a way that can be understood by common laymen. In the process, it also tries to identify high risk individual through health surveys and tests them for HIV-AIDS subsequently.